She said YES!

She said YES!

by TIMEOUT, August 2, 2017

These two had a perfect Full Day sail up the north shore to Two Harbors.  After surprising her with this unexpected outing Jake and I watched as they enjoyed the serenity of the boat.  He frequently gazed at her with loving eyes knowing she is the one.  The sun was shining, the breeze became consistent and pushed us a bit off shore.  She steered Time Out and he stayed busy documenting this momentous day on his phone.  We sailed the boat closer to shore and he felt it .  This was it, this was the moment he had longed for. Excited and nervous all at once, he was on one knee asking her to love him forever.  She said YES.  Hugs, kisses and her tears followed.  We congratulated them and they celebrated with campaign and chocolate   We all hugged before they departed.  I watched them as they walked the pier, they were headed to the next chapter of his plan that day. Arm in arm they stopped for another kiss along the way;  they were excited to celebrate each other.    It was personal, intimate, and romantic….It was PERFECT!

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